Team Cuckoo at Jangala HQ

Big Box Build Day @ Jangala HQ

Grace Lewis-Somers | Email Marketing Executive

A couple of weeks ago, some of us at Team Cuckoo popped along to Jangala's HQ to get our hands dirty. Mainly, this meant helping build some of the Big Boxes (more on these below). But it also meant having lots of laughs and being super inspired by the amazing work these guys do.

Rolling up our sleeves

First things first: what is a Big Box? Well, they're Jangala's very clever and very nifty invention. About the size of a small briefcase, they convert any form of internet connectivity into a strong and reliable Wi-Fi signal that can support lots of users. Basically, they're vital in getting an internet connection to very remote parts of the world!

Picture this: our entire team transformed into a Big Box production line. Each of us had a specific task (ranging from installing wires to screwing in circuit boards) before we passed the box along on its journey. So what started out as an empty casing, ended up as a fully functioning Big Box ready to deliver connection across the globe.

It was like a funny version of pass the parcel, except with screwdrivers and circuit boards. And it was just so interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes at Jangala. Not only are they incredibly smart folks, but they’re loads of fun too and, it must be said, very patient teachers! 

By the end of the day, our team had built six Big Boxes. In time, these will be sent to a variety of communities in need, such as healthcare organisations and schools in the UK. Some of these boxes will also be shipped across the world to aid refugee camps, education facilities and other individuals who need support. 

It felt pretty awesome to be so hands-on in helping get the internet to people who need it most. And remember, this is exactly what 1% from every Cuckoo customer’s bill is supporting, so a massive high five to all our flock!

Say Cheese

After posing with our finished Big Boxes, we got to chat with our Jangala friends a bit more and hear about a few of their ongoing projects, and their exciting plans for the future (watch this space!). As always, we were blown away by their passion, knowledge, and their infectious positivity.

All in all it was a smashing day and a great chance to get hands-on with The Cuckoo Compass. Already looking forward to our next visit!

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