The Cuckoo End of Year Wrap 2021

Matthew Garner

Product Manager

Cuckoo's End of year wrap 2021 blog

2021 is coming to a close. It’s been an odd year for sure. Over at Cuckoo HQ we’ve got a lot we’d like to celebrate with our flock. We’ve grown over 600% and welcomed 22 friendly new faces to our team (me included!).

Cuckoo's 2021 timeline of events

How we made customers lives easier

Our customers are why we’re here. What brings us together is how we can build a great experience that makes our customers’ lives better. We think we’ve been doing a pretty decent job too with our customers rating us #1 for service on MoneySavingExpert and an Excellent rating on Trustpilot.

Here’s how we tried to make things a little easier for our flock this year:

Move Home without picking up the phone

Moving home dog in boxes

In February we launched our online home move journey. Plug in your new property details and away you go. One fewer thing to worry about for the 500 members of our flock heading to a new pad this year!

Share your Wi-Fi Details with WhatsApp

Your friends are over and you want to get them online. No more “where’s that little card that came with the router”? Hello *click* *click* DONE.

No tug-of-war when you need to leave

We heard a lot of people finding it a right old faff to cancel when they were moving back home or heading abroad. People are used to navigate a long maze to find a help link to find a phone number to call someone to just stop their service. Not here. It’s simple and easy online and when you’re ready to come back we’ll be waiting.

It’s not magic, just great tech

At Cuckoo, we’re very proud of our tech team. They’re the best in the biz and they help build the foundations of what Cuckoo is today and what it could be tomorrow.

They’re ten steps ahead so we can move faster, better than the rest.

Eggceptional Full Fibre

Genuinely mindblowing speeds for the hungriest of data hogs and available on the most flexible plans out there. We think Full Fibre is the future and so we brought a bit of it back in our time machine.

1GB Full Fibre broadband from Cuckoo

Taking control of our billing technology

Invoices, Payments, calculating charges. It ain’t glamorous but you sure notice when it’s out of whack. Our team have been beavering away to build best-in-class technology here so we’re set for our exciting plans in the coming months.

Moments of delight

It’s not all monumental, cosmic leaps forward. Sometimes we do little things to brighten your day. Because that brightens ours. Knowing that we added even one smile in the last year. That’s a win.

Keep your own router

We've heard some of you like to get your own snazzy gear and you don't need yet another router for Christmas this year. That's ok. We made it super easy to keep your existing router and help the environment with less waste and fewer deliveries.

Celebrating new members of the flock

Animated success experience our customers get on sign up

We ran a hackathon in June, looking for little ways to sprinkle joy over the journey to join Cuckoo. If you join Cuckoo we added a new celebration at the end of signup. We celebrate every new member of our flock and now you can see (and hear it!)

2022 👀

We’re not done yet. We have a TON more stuff to share with you next year. We’re cracking on with our mission to make the internet frictionless. Let’s just say 2022 is going to be a great year to be a member of the flock!

OK go on. One spoiler. Let’s just say that our Eggceptional Full Fibre isn’t the only speedy thing you’ll be seeing around these parts.

Spongebob dancing

What do you want to see in 2022?
Let us know your ideas or wishes on Twitter here.

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