Far too many people don’t have access to the internet and are missing out on all the advantages and opportunities it brings.

The Cuckoo Compass is how we, together with our flock, help get the internet to them.

How it works

1% of every customer’s bill, every single month, goes directly into The Cuckoo Compass. And we also give £5 for every customer referral.

This then pays for our amazing charity partner, Jangala, to get the internet to a whole load of people who really need it.

As well as helping vulnerable individuals and families in the UK, they also help schools and health centres in under-resourced areas of the world. Plus, Jangala get essential internet connections to people living in refugee camps and humanitarian emergencies. Told you they’re amazing.

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Connecting community groups

Around the world, Jangala is connecting refugees and asylum seekers so they can get critical information online

Who it helps

We help connect digitally excluded people from low income and marginalised households and families across the UK. And by getting them online, they can access the things that many of us take for granted, like online mental health support, legal aid and educational resources.

We also support lots of overseas projects. Whilst every one is different, here are the three most common ways we help...

school wifi


We help provide an internet connection for schools in refugee camps and under-resourced areas, so children have access to quality education no matter where they are.

hospital wifi


By connecting healthcare clinics to the internet, medical workers can communicate with colleagues, get quick results from testing labs, and access research, training and tools.


For those less able to get online, we help connect them to vital services via organisations including women's refuges, community centres and digital inclusion charities.

Making a broadband bill go further

Here are just a few examples of how our flock’s bills directly help get the internet to those who need it.


60 bills

Pays for a month of data for a school pupil and their family to get online for all their learning needs.


650 bills

Provides a Get Box to connect school kids so they can access online education content and lessons.


8500 bills

Connects an entire low-resource school, including teachers and hundreds of students.

“Thanks to Cuckoo, we are providing Wi-Fi to where its needed most. Every customer is helping to equip communities around the world with the tools to build better futures.”

Nils O'Hara

Co-Founder, Jangala

“The Future Builders Library currently serves over 7000 students in 4 High Schools and over 40 Primary and Junior High Schools.”

Isaac Ackah

Programme Manager at the Future Builders Scouts Library, Ghana


1% of a big number, is a big number

As our flock gets bigger and bigger, so does the amount we raise every month. Which is even more incentive for us to grow the biggest and most-loved broadband network ever.

A note from the Co-Founder
“Making broadband better goes way beyond just delivering for our flock – it's about being a better business too. That's why The Cuckoo Compass was plumbed into our thinking from day 1. It’s great to see what it's achieved so far, but I’m even more excited about its potential to lift hundreds of thousands out of internet poverty.”
Tommy TonerCo-Founder

Meet the incredible folks at Jangala

Jangala is a UK-based charity and our wonderful partners for The Cuckoo Compass. As well as trusting them with the actual implementation of our Compass ambitions, we also enjoy learning from each other.

As their expertise helps us build better, more accessible broadband, we’ve been able to help them build even better experiences for those accessing their services.

How fast can you go?