Eggspress Wi-Fi

Switch today. Be online tomorrow.

Add our Eggspress Wi-Fi option to your order and we'll send a wireless 4G dongle to you asap.

Get online tomorrow with Eggspress Wi-Fi

Our instant Eggspress Wi-Fi gets you and your home online until your fibre connection goes live (for a one-off payment of £40).

Step 1

Plug in your Eggspress Wi-Fi dongle

Step 2

Connect to your fibre when it goes live

Step 3

Return your dongle in the pre-paid envelope

How it works

We send you an Eggspress Wi-Fi dongle and Cuckoo router the next working day.

You plug the dongle into the router and get a fast, reliable 4G internet signal that your whole house can use.

On the day your Cuckoo fibre goes live, you connect to it as usual and send the dongle back to us in the pre-paid envelope. Or keep it for £40.

How long until you’re online?

14 days


12 days


1 day


Got questions? We've got the answers.

Nope, it’s way better. With the dongle, you won’t drain your mobile data or your phone’s battery and it’s more secure too.

Eggspress Wi-Fi won’t ever be as fast as your fibre broadband but it works well for several people and their devices to do everyday browsing and streaming.

A very good question. We don’t offer this at the moment but if it’s something you’d be interested in, tell us at and who knows what the future will hold?

Absolutely. You've got all you can eat data before your fibre goes live.

“The premise is simple, you order a new service from Cuckoo and they’ll aim to get you online, up and running in less than 24 hours”

“In the age of Amazon Prime and same day grocery deliveries, Cuckoo is on a mission to bring broadband into the new era”

“Cuckoo has launched a new wireless/wired product that guarantees next-day internet connectivity for customers”

Making the internet better for... well, everyone

Flexible flatmates

Great to have the freedom of the month by month contract when you are moving.


Switch worriers

Does what it says on the tin. Everything arrived when they said it would. Easy to set up.


Haggle haters

I no longer face price hikes & having to haggle with Virgin or Sky when my contract ends.


WFH brigade

I'm a home worker & need the speed for streaming & Zoom. Cuckoo have excelled.


Tech tentative

Plugged it in and it worked first time... Simple and easy as it should be.


24/7 streamers

Watching and streaming shows works perfectly in my area with no buffering.



How fast can you go?