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What's included in my first bill?

On the day that you sign up, you'll pay your £60 connection charge.

We'll email you your first monthly bill during the first full month that you're with us. It will include three items:

  1. Your monthly broadband charge for the first month you joined (£29.99 or less, depending on the day you joined - e.g. if you joined on the 15th of the month you'd pay half of the £29.99 cost)
  2. Your monthly broadband charge for the month you're now in (you'll pay the full £29.99 for this)
  3. Any calls you’ve made in the previous month (see here)
  4. Any extra charges from the previous month - e.g. if you've booked but then missed an Openreach engineer visit
Cuckoo corner 🐣

💡 Fun fact: The female cuckoo doesn't actually "coo-coo". Her bubbling call is instead often said to resemble the sound of bath water running out when the plug is pulled. Apparently.

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