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Why was I charged for an engineer visit?

We get charged a fee by our network, Openreach, to send someone out to your home when there's an issue.

Most of the time, if there's a genuine network problem, those costs will be covered between Cuckoo and Openreach. You won't pay a penny.

If you miss the visit, however, it costs us time and money. So we will charge you for this. You'll also need to pay if you ask for an engineer visit when it turns out there is no underlying problem with the network, or the problem is to do with your equipment or internal wiring. The fee you'd have to pay is £80 for the first hour and £50 for each hour after that.

Reasons you might be charged include:

  • You cancelled or rescheduled the visit after noon on the day before the appointment
  • You gave us the wrong address
  • There was no adult present at the property
  • There was no electricity at the property
  • The address was unsuitable to work in, or there were health and safety concerns
  • The engineer couldn't access the property

We'll always let you know when an engineer visit is scheduled. We'll agree a timeslot with you in advance and will remind you again via email or text the day beforehand. That's our promise.

If you still have an issue you want to discuss - for example, the engineer didn't turn up - then let us know via the complaints form within your account page. See here for more details.

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