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How can I check my speed?

The average download speed on our network is typically 60-70Mb/s (average upload speed of 15-20Mb/s), but you may see higher or lower speeds than this depending on your postcode and how far away from the green cabinet you are.

You can test your speeds via https://www.speedtest.net/ or https://www.fast.com

Everyone at Cuckoo is on the same speed contract, but there are four main reasons why speeds can vary between postcodes:

  1. Your home data usage - for example, video streaming eats up a lot of capacity
  2. Your home network set up - for example, effective placement of your router can aid speeds
  3. Our wider network usage - latest iOS or game releases can really impact download speeds across the network
  4. Our wider network set up - if your home is quite far from the green cabinet (called a DSLAM or PCP cabinet) on your street, your speeds may be slower

If you are having trouble with your connection speeds and want to improve them, see here.

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