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How does Cuckoo broadband actually work?

Broadband isn't straightforward. There are actually three types of companies involved in getting you connected.

Where we fit in

First, there are companies that own the underlying infrastructure - the wires in the ground, the exchanges, and the cabinets (those green boxes on your street). The largest of these is Openreach, which is a division of BT. Virgin Media also own their own infrastructure, as well as smaller companies like HyperOptic.

Second, there are the 'middlemen'. They own special boxes at the exchanges and help route the network traffic in the most efficient way possible. Companies involved in this layer include Daisy, BT Wholesale and Zen Internet, among others.

Finally, there's the customer layer - the layer you're probably most familiar with. That's where Cuckoo comes in. Our job is to help you get connected, sort out any connection issues, and make sure you pay for your connection.

At the moment, we're using Openreach's Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) infrastructure to provide our service.

In the medium-term, we hope to work with a number of infrastructure owners and number of middlemen so that, wherever you live, Cuckoo can get you the service you need.

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