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How do I set up my router?

Kit you should have
  • Router (the big black box)
  • Power supply (black plug, adapter and wire)
  • Cuckoo booklet
  • Broadband cable (grey ends)
  • Ethernet cable (yellow ends)
  • Filter (grey)
  • Plug the grey broadband/telephone cable into the grey socket on your router
  • Find your wall socket - ideally your master socket for the best connection. The master phone socket is the main socket where the phone line enters your home, usually found in the hallway near the front door
  • See whether the socket has one hole or two or more holes
  • If your wall socket only has one hole, then pop the other end of the cable into your micro filter, and plug that into your phone’s wall socket

Wall sockets with one hole - use a microfilter!

  • If your wall socket has two or more holes, plug the main grey cable directly into the broadband hole of your socket. You don't need the micro filter. Make sure you don't plug it into the phone hole by accident!

Wall sockets with two holes - microfilter not needed

  • Position your router correctly:
    - Upright
    - Facing towards you
    - In the middle of your home
    - Unobstructed by walls or furniture (especially not in a cupboard)
    - Not on the floor
    - Away from electrical devices like cordless phones and microwaves - these can interfere with your signal
  • Turn your router on and wait a couple of minutes for two green lights
  • When one of them starts to flash, you’re ready to connect
  • Use your Wi-Fi name and password to connect to the router – you’ll find them in the welcome email we sent you. You can also view these at any time by logging into My Cuckoo and clicking on Account overview
  • Pat yourself on the back, have a cup of tea, and surf the web to your heart's content
  • Sometimes connection speeds are lower than normal during the first few weeks. So don't worry if that's the case. If the issues persist, take a look at our broadband help pages and the Cuckoo community forum.
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