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Why is my speed slow?

We ask that you read over the below guidance and wait 24 hours prior to contacting, as any outages or repair work should be completed within this time.

  1. Plug an ethernet cable in to your device and connect it to the router (there will be an ethernet cable in the router box). If you are able to see normal speeds, please see "How can I Improve my connection quality?" below.
  2. If your device is at fault, please disconnect each device one at a time and test the speed again. Sometimes older or faulty devices can use up bandwidth unknowingly, causing a slow speed.
  3. If this is the cable causing this issue (i.e. a loose cable), we can run tests and request an engineer.
  4. If there is an outage or repair works on the line, this could cause the issue. We can identify this and let you know.

If you still need to get in touch, please request help via this form.

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