say goodbye to evil price rises, forever.

25,000 new households a day are being overcharged for their broadband.

are you being charged

a loyalty tax?

We know how it works

You sign up for a trusty broadband provider. They offer you a lovely, alluring price.

All they ask is that you stay for a year or two.

Before you know it, those years have passed and your contract comes to an end.

Maybe the provider emailed or wrote to you to let you know. But let's be honest; you forgot about that. Life's too busy.

Next month, your bank account gets a nasty shock. Your broadband bill has mysteriously increased. Not just a little. For some of you, it's by up to £17 each month; or £204 each year.

You're not alone

This isn't rare. Ofcom say that every day, 25,000 of us come to the end of our broadband contract. That's 9 million each year.

And, when this happens, the majority of us see an automatic price rise.

Sadly, too many broadband providers choose to thank their most loyal customers by increasing their prices.

At Cuckoo, we call it what it is: the loyalty tax.



every day

Hidden price rises are consistently applied throughout our competitors in the industry.
Evil hidden price rises

Loyalty should be praised. Not taxed.

Here at Cuckoo, we had a radical idea.

What if we saw loyal customers as people to cherish, rather than something to be exploited?

What if we got rid of those long contracts that tie us in - and the price rises that follow?

And what if we made sure that everyone paid the same price?

No more surprise bills. No more painful contract re-negotiations.

Prices may rise with inflation, but we'll always warn you in advance, and prices will always increase or decrease by the same amount for everyone on our flock.

You'll never get a worse deal than anyone else. We promise.

So go on.

Switch to Cuckoo; and then forget about it. Rest assured that you'll always be on our best price. And go and focus your time and attention on the things that really matter.