Broadband charges

All charges are per month

100Mb Really Fast Fibre - £39.99

900Mb Eggceptional Fibre - £54.99

Static IP address - £1 optional extra per month

Connection charges

Setup cost - £60

Payable on signup to a 1-month rolling contract or if leaving 12-month plan in the initial term.

Homemover fee - No charge. It's free to move home with Cuckoo.

Equipment charges

Router exchange fee - £15

Charged when a customer returns a router on the grounds of it being faulty, but subsequent checks find the router to be functioning correctly. Charge is not incurred if customer is returning router as part of leaving Cuckoo.

Router replacement fee - £60

Payable if you do not return the router provided at the end of your contract or on being provided with a replacement for a faulty router. Chargeable after 30 days from our request to receive the router back.

Appointment charges

Missed appointment charge - £80

Missed appointment charges may be applicable where the customer is not present at the agreed appointment time and/or the engineer cannot access the property (even if the customer is present)

Engineer call out charge (first hour) - £80

Most of the time, if there's a genuine network problem, any engineer costs will be covered between Cuckoo and Openreach. You will be charged if fault is caused by your own equipment or your act or omission. You may be charged if no fault is found or the fault is within your premises

Engineer call out charge (additional hourly rate) - £50

Openreach engineer required for initial installation - £60

An engineer installation of this form ('managed install') is rare, and you will be notified in advance if this is the case

Late Payment charges

Debt recovery admin fee - £15

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