Monthly newsletter - December 2020

Tabatha Curry

Tabatha Curry | Head of Growth

An exciting new feature has just launched: Cuckoo can now move home with you! We also intro you to another member of the team, and ... announce our competition winner 🏅

Only 14 days until Christmas 🎄

14 is also the number of lines in a sonnet, the number of legs a woodlouse has, and the maximum number of clubs you can have in a golf bag. So you could say that today is the perfect day to write a sonnet about woodlice playing golf.

But we also think it’s the perfect day to find out about an exciting new feature that was launched last week:

Cuckoo can now move home with you 🏡

We’re sure the key question on your mind of late has been: ‘How can I stay with Cuckoo if I move home?’. Very excitingly, the answer is now as simple as clicking the  ‘I’m moving home’  button in your My Account.

You’ll be asked where you’re moving and when, and we’ll then do the legwork to ensure you have working internet in your shiny new home on the day you move in.

All you’ll have to do is remember to take your router with you. (This is harder than it sounds, as Tommy can attest.)

And importantly, this is free for you. We do have to pay a connection cost for your new home, but as a thank you for staying with us, this cost is on us 🍻

Best customer moment

There was a bug in the payment step of our sign-up flow for a short time this month.

While this was not ideal, we did particularly enjoy this subject line:

We’re pleased to say we managed to take their money eventually, and they’re now a part of the flock.

And sorry if you were affected: bugs happen, but we’re doing our best to make sure that they happen as infrequently as possible!

Team spotlight 🔦

As the person responsible for making the tech bit of the moving home flow happen, we thought Alex Fenton - Senior Software Engineer - was a good person to intro you to this month. (We only made it to a team of 7 before getting a duplicate first name…)

We asked him 3 questions:

  • Fun fact about yourself:  I once met one of the Chuckle Brothers in a Garden Centre
  • Top bird pun:  Did you hear the one about the crow and the telephone pole? He wanted to make a long distance caw
  • Biggest achievement this month:  definitely running another 10K! Got some Nike trainers on Cyber Monday and I turned into Sir Mo Farah

And the winners are... 🏅

The deal name ideas some of you sent in after last month’s newsletter were eggs-cellent. An exhilarating display of bird-related wordplay.

The top 3 names - in no particular order - are:

  • Feathered and tethered
  • The Flock
  • Simple Broadband - our official deal name on comparison sites!

And we’d also like to give an honourable mention to ‘Chick’.

The T-shirts will be winging their way towards you shortly.

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