Tech Update - May 2021

Alex Fenton

Alex Fenton

Senior Software Engineer

Technology update for May

May was a productive month for the tech team: a lot has been tweaked and refined, and we’ve had one very big update! We hope that you (the customers) are feeling the benefit.


  1. Magic Links! - we’ve changed the way you log in to your account. Instead of using a username and password, you now request a one-time link to log in to your account. This link will be emailed to your registered email address. To find out more about why this change was done, you can take a look at: We’ve removed passwords from My Account
  2. Updating your email address - after many many a customer request, we have enabled changing your email address in My Account. Simply go to the Personal Details section of My Account to change your email address
  3. Slamming notifications - customers will now automatically receive an email if another provider is trying to take over the line. If you receive one and it wasn’t you who requested the takeover, please use the details in the email to contact us
  4. Share Wi-Fi details via WhatsApp - now your friends and family are allowed to visit again, we thought we’d make it easier to share your Wi-Fi with them. Log in to My Account and you’ll be able to share your Wi-Fi details via WhatsApp. Or copy them into your messaging service of choice
  5. Message bar - our site message bar has been given a facelift. We’ll use this to highlight key announcements or keep customers informed of service status
  6. Referral links - your referral link is now visible on the success page as soon as someone signs up. You can share it immediately via WhatsApp, or copy it to save for later

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