Broadband can be way, way, way better

From top to bottom, front to back, it really can be something to feel good about. Call us Cuckoo, but that’s what we believe.

A hipster, a hacker & a hustler

Meet Alex, Tommy & Dan.

They wanted to change the world. Specifically, the world of broadband. And so, from a small co-working table in East London, that’s exactly what they set about doing.

Five months and many sleepless nights later, Cuckoo was born. Not bad in the middle of a pandemic.

The company’s grown a lot since then and we now have lots of brilliant people working at lots of large tables. But that doesn’t mean we’re done yet, not by a long way.

Because after we’ve become the largest & most-loved broadband provider in the UK, we fancy showing the rest of the world how it’s done too.

The hustler, hacker and hipster

The fastest, fairest, feel-good broadband

We mean it. This is broadband we want you to actually feel good about. And if that sounds strange, it’s only because such a low bar has been set for such a long time. Well [clears throat theatrically], not any more!


Fastest speeds

900Mb download

We have only ever offered superfast and ultrafast speeds, unlike any other national provider.


Next day

Eggspress Wi-Fi

Our Eggspress Wi-Fi dongle can be with you the very next day. So you’ll be online the day after you sign up.


Pick your contract

What works for you?

Roll monthly or pick a 12-month plan? It’s totally up to you.


Here for good

The Cuckoo Compass

1% of your bill helps spread the power of the internet to the places and people who need it most.

#1 rated service

As voted by our flock

We’ve topped MoneySavingExpert’s poll for best customer service. And to prove it wasn’t first time lucky, we’ve now won it twice in a row.

Fair prices

No sneaky tricks

We won’t ever hike your price up or hide something in the T&Cs. And transparent billing shows you exactly what you’re paying for.

A quick Cuckoo history lesson

July 2019

Feb 2020

July 2020

April 2021

July 2021

Oct 2021

March 2022

The future

Good for you, good for everyone

1% of all our customers’ bills helps spread the awesome power of the internet to where it’s needed most. It’s a big part of why we’re here and helps guide us as a business.

That’s why it’s called The Cuckoo Compass.

How The Cuckoo Compass works
  • Helping in humanitarian crises
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  • Internet access where it's needed
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  • Connecting community groups
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  • Helping education projects
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  • Connecting clinics
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Northern France

Around the world, Jangala is connecting refugees and asylum seekers so they can get critical information online

Call us ambitious

As we try and change the broadband industry, we want to hold ourselves to account. So here are a few of our goals for you to look out for.


Be the biggest

It’s fairly simple in our eyes. The bigger we become, the more people we can help feel good about their broadband.


Be the most-loved

Making and keeping our flock happy is one of the most important things we do. And this won’t ever stop.


Do more good things

We want The Cuckoo Compass to help hundreds of thousands of people, all around the world.


Attract the brightest minds

We want to be the place where the most brilliant people do the most brilliant work of their careers.

The values that define us

race to the future

We grow by doing things we haven't done before. We refuse to be constrained by old doctrines or industry expectations. We relentlessly improve.

champion each other

We celebrate our differences and welcome everyone, all of the time. We are honest to a fault, and happy to own mistakes. We don't blame; we help and we fix.

love the flock

We're all service, which means we're all responsible for our customers' happiness. We listen and we act with humour, humility and empathy. We deliver world-class customer service with every interaction.

stand up speak out

We take responsibility for everything we do. We help others less fortunate than ourselves. We are transparent and we are fair.

Dan McClure

VP of Technology

Alex Fitzgerald


Tommy Toner

VP of Product

Tabatha Curry

VP of Marketing & Ops


VP of Flynance

Want to break the mould with us?

We're a bunch of designers, developers, product specialists and customer service eggsperts who simply want to do things differently. If that sounds good, we’d love to hear from you.

Yes, I like doing things differently too!

Backers and pledges

Powered by Giganet

Cuckoo joins forces with Giganet

Giganet and Cuckoo will work together to disrupt the UK broadband market by prioritising service and customer experience as the rollout of full fibre accelerates over the next few years.

Learn more

A promise to Armed Forces members and veterans

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise from Cuckoo ensuring that those who serve or who have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, are treated fairly.

Learn more

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