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for good

1 month rolling


average download speed.
That’s super fast.


£60 setup fee.
No more out of contract price rises.

You're not tied in

1 month rolling.
No more lengthy contracts.

And 1% of every customer’s bill helps us spread the awesome power of the internet to where it’s needed most.


Oh great, another broadband company

Sort of, but not really.
We’re as tired of all the nonsense as you are. So say goodbye to complex deals and constant switching. And get ready for the last broadband deal you’ll ever need.
Putting service first

The UK based Cuckoo support team are the best of the best. They’ll get you up and running in a flash and sort any issues even faster.

On the money

Our entire flock are on the same deal and pay the same monthly fee. You’ll always be on our best price. It's just £29.99/month with a one-off £60 setup charge.

Need for speed

Unlimited broadband available to more than 80% of the UK. Our average speed of 67Mb/s is perfect for gaming, downloading, and streaming HD TV on multiple devices.

You're doing good

We take 1% of your bill and use it to help get the internet to places it’s needed most, like conflict zones, natural disaster sites and developing communities. You'll even get to choose what project you'd like to support. We call it the cuckoo compass.

Quotes from our flock

We love to measure our customers’ happiness. We think it's something between ice-cream-on-a-hot-summer’s-day and box-fresh-brand-new-shoes.

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