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Day 10

Router Arrives

It comes in a small box which fits through most letterboxes.

Day 10-14

You're online

If you need an engineer, they’ll pop by and get you connected.

All internet providers are required to wait 14-days to switch your connection on under mandatory Ofcom “cooling-off” regulations.

Once you've signed up, we recommend you let your old provider know to ensure you don't continue getting charged.

We recommend cancelling your old Direct Debit once you've paid any outstanding bills.

Or be online tomorrow. Whaaaat?

Add our Eggspress Wi-Fi option to your order and we’ll courier a wireless dongle out to you asap. Plug it in and boom - you’re online. We’re not saying no one else does this but... ok, small humble brag, no one else does this.

All you need to know about Eggspress Wi-Fi

How long until you’re online?

1 day


12 days


14 days

Click 'n' switch. It's that easy.

Track your switch

Your Cuckoo account shows you what stage your switch is at, every step of the way

Pick your own network name & login

No more crazy scrambles of random letters and numbers. It’s yours to name as you like.

Be online in 24 hours

Choose our Eggspress Wi-Fi option and we’ll get you online in just 24 hours.

Leave when you like

We don’t do exit fees or penalty charges. So if you ever decide to leave, you can whenever you want to.

Ready to get you online, no matter what.

We’ve pretty much seen and sorted it all. Here are the most common questions we answer every day.

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How to boost your Wi-Fi signal in your home

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How does wireless broadband (Mi-Fi) work?

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Full transparency

We’ve put loads of work into simplifying the process, and packed our service with features that make your life easier.

The switch process

We always keep you up to date

We’ll let you know how your switch is going, every step of the way.

Cost breakdowns

Know exactly where your money goes

We show you exactly what your bill pays for - so you get full transparency on what you’re spending.

Billing history

Easy access to bills from anywhere

Stay up to date on the go with our mobile-friendly customer account

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