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By putting customers first and making it simple. With our super-fast fibre broadband, for one price, on a 1 month rolling contract. You'll always be on our best deal.

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a month.

£60 set-up cost.

67Mb/s average

download speed.

Unlimited fibre broadband.

1 month

rolling contract.

No exit fees.

14 days

average switch time.

Usually no engineer visit.

Get totally unlimited downloads, line rental and the Cuckoo router included with our deal.
Cuckoo 1 month rolling contract at £29.99 per month

£29.99 a month

£60 set-up cost

Prices in line with the big guys, but you’re not locked in. One month rolling. No exit fees. You’ll always be on our best price. Nearly all providers increase prices once your contract ends. We don’t.

*Prices may rise with inflation.

Still in your old contract, moving home or simply not ready to switch?

You can choose your go-live date up to 24 months from today. This means you can still sign up to Cuckoo today but the switching process will only begin 2 weeks before your actual switch date.

You will not be charged the set-up cost until roughly 2 weeks before your actual switch date.

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Reliable, super-fast broadband

Our super-fast fibre deal has average download speeds of 67Mb/s (upload speeds of 17Mb/s) and is perfect for busy families or shared homes with everyone using the internet at the same time. This is ideal for Netflix, gaming, downloading, and streaming HD TV on multiple devices. And it's unlimited.

Some addresses will receive lower speeds; we'll let you know before you sign up what speed you can expect if you join us.

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Cuckoo gives a speed that allows you to use all your favourite services
No more price rises

No more nasty end-of-contract price rises

Every day 25,000 households see their contracts come to an end. Most broadband providers choose to increase prices when this happens. We think that's unfair. With Cuckoo's one-month rolling deal you'll always be on our best price.

More on the loyalty tax

Switching is simple

Most switches don’t require an engineer visit – we simply post you your Cuckoo router and then plug it in on switch day…hey presto!

Sign-up in 2 minutes
Place your order and we’ll begin the switch process.
DAY 7-10
Router arrives
We send out your router. It comes in a letterboxed sized parcel so fits through most letterboxes.
DAY 14 (est.)
You’re online
You'll get a text when your connection is live. Simply follow the quickstart guide (also included in your box) and voila!

All internet providers are required to wait 14-days to switch your connection on under mandatory Ofcom “cooling-off” regulations.
Once you've signed up, we recommend you let your old provider know to ensure you don't continue getting charged.
We recommend cancelling your old Direct Debit once you've paid any outstanding bills.

Supporting our customers

UK based support

The Cuckoo support team are the best of the best. They’ll get you up and running in a flash and sort any issues even faster.

Wifi names

Set your own Wi-Fi details

With Cuckoo, you can set your Wi-Fi name and password when you sign-up. Say good bye to random, forgettable codes. Creativity encouraged.

Cuckoo router

Router included

Our Technicolor Wi-Fi hub is an easy-to-set-up, high-quality wireless router (it still has a power cable, obviously). Worth £82+ RRP. It delivers a strong, fast, reliable Wi-Fi signal. It’s multi-device ready and optimised for the Cuckoo network.
It cancels out background interference to keep your devices connected in more areas of your home. Whether you’re on a mobile device or laptop it ensures that high-quality video transmission is guaranteed when it’s needed most. It also dynamically shifts you onto the best frequency depending on how close you are to the router. Nifty. 

For all you router nerds, we supply the Technicolor DGA0122 in black (in the rare instance black isn't available we may ship it in white).

You're doing good

We take 1% of each bill and use it to help get the internet to places it’s needed most, like conflict zones, natural disaster sites and developing communities. You'll even get to choose which project you'd like to support. And on top of that, we donate an additional £5 each time you refer a friend. We call it the Cuckoo Compass.

What we stand for
Cuckoo compass

How broadband actually works

As an Internet Service Provider or broadband company, we are the enablers; we switch customers. Fix issues. Do good. At Cuckoo we have coined what we feel is the best analogy when it comes to explaining what we do: "the 3 layered cake".

Layers of the broadband industry

💛 67Mb/s avg. download

This is the average download speed our customers get. It’s perfect for Netflix, gaming, downloading, and streaming HD TV on multiple devices.

💛 17Mb/s avg. upload

Our average upload speed is perfect for video calls and uploading large documents to the cloud.

💛 £60 set-up cost

We'll charge you this immediately via Direct Debit. This one-off cost pays for us to connect you to the network.

💛 Wi-Fi router included

An easy-to-set-up, high-quality wireless router included. Worth £82+ RRP. Just plug in and go!

💛 No download limits

Cuckoo’s Unlimited Fibre broadband. Never any data caps. The sky's your limit!

💛 UK support team

We consistently score 5 stars on Trustpilot – we pride ourselves on outstanding service.

💛 Line rental included

We’d like to remove landlines completely but sadly the network we use requires it.

💛 Do good

1% of each bill goes towards helping get the internet to places it’s needed most, like conflict zones, natural disaster sites and developing communities. You choose which project you want to support. Do good, simply by being on our network.

💛 No nasty price rises

With a one month rolling contract, you’ll always be on our best price. Unlike the big broadband companies, we don’t charge you more the longer you’re with us. 

💛 No exit fees

Not ever. Just pay up to the end of the calendar month when you leave.

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