Call charges

The table below shows how much you'll pay when you call different numbers from your landline.

If you don't plug a phone into your landline, you won't need to worry about this. If you do, and use it for phone calls, this page is your guide.

Being honest, we realise the table below is a bit confusing. So we're working at making this table simpler and easier to use, and we're also a fan of Ofcom simplifying these prices in the future.

P.S. we're sorry if you contact friends or family in the Falklands, or Vanuatu, or on a satellite. It might be best to use VoIP for those chats.

*All costs are in pence. Evening constitutes 7pm-7am on weekdays; daytime constitutes 7am-7pm on weekdays.

🇺🇦 All calls to Ukraine are currently free.