Cuckoo is a new challenger broadband company

Launched in the summer of 2020, we have lofty ambitions and are backed by successful investors

Broadband is broken

Six unfun facts about the industry

Slow speeds

Shockingly slow download speeds that take up to 20 minutes to download a 6-season box set

Loyalty charges

7m homes are overpaying £1 billion a year for being out of contract, as telcos need to claw back capex costs

Terrible service

85% of people have to call to get any contact, with customer service teams using broken tools yielding a broken culture

Slow delivery

Waiting to go live when you move home or switch providers takes on average over 14 days on a wired network

Large exit fees

Exit fees of up to £450 if you leave a contract early, due to high incumbent CACs (bad product, bad marketing)

Terrible tech

No unified technology built for the consumer layer, with software development forgotten due to critical legacy systems

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“Cuckoo Internet closes Seed funding to disrupt UK broadband market”



“We all need better broadband, for good”

The Sun

“On a mission to make broadband simple, for good"


“Challenger Cuckoo internet argues that taxing broadband like a luxury item is regressive and wrong”

We’re on a mission to make the internet frictionless

We want to make it fairer and faster, and also do some good in the world. Oh, and we want to make people feel good too. Which means genuinely, actually and properly putting customers first.

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Cuckoo co-founders
Cuckoo team
Cuckoo on a team day
Cuckoo Senior Digital Designer Ed Newton
Cuckoo co-founders
Cuckoo team
Cuckoo on a team day
Cuckoo Senior Digital Designer Ed Newton

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“The premise is simple, you order a new service from Cuckoo and they’ll aim to get you online, up and running in less than 24 hours”

“In the age of Amazon Prime and same day grocery deliveries, Cuckoo is on a mission to bring broadband into the new era”

“Cuckoo has launched a new wireless/wired product that guarantees next-day internet connectivity for customers”

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