Say goodbye to mid-contract price hikes

Josh G | Social Media & Content Lead

Mid-contract price hikes are one of the broadband industry's dirtiest tricks. You sign up for one price and boom, your provider hits you with a hike. Well, not this provider. 

Sign up with Cuckoo and the price you pay is the price you’ll stay with for your entire contract. No tricks, no shenanigans and definitely no mid-contract price hikes.

Faster. Fairer. Simpler.

Making our flock happy is one of the most important jobs at Cuckoo. We want to be the best and best-loved broadband company around. Which is why we’re on a mission to change the industry for the better, whether you’re a Cuckoo customer or not.

Beat the inflation-busting increases

Inflation was 3.9% in January 2024. And on top of that, the average mid-contract price hike from the big three is usually another 3.9%, adding up to an almost 8% increase in the cost of your broadband. Bang in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis. But you don’t have to put up with it.

Here's how to beat the hikes:

🔍 Sweat the small print

You may have unknowingly agreed to a mid-contract price increase when you signed your contract with another provider. Sneaky, right? But if not, you should get a letter or email informing you of a price increase, giving you 30 days to cancel and move on.

But the good news is that’s plenty of time to join Cuckoo.

📜 Check your contract end date

If your current contract has expired, chances are you’re already on a rolling contract. Making it much easier to jump ship and join Cuckoo without paying a hefty cancellation fee.

🤼‍♂️ Get your haggle on

If you’re out of contract and thinking of leaving, it’s time to get haggling on price. Broadband providers don’t want you to leave - that’s why they make it so hard to cancel.

🔀Switch to a provider with no price increases

If you don’t want to be fleeced anymore, the power’s in your hands. Cuckoo is one of only a handful of providers that don’t increase prices mid-contract. Switch today and you’ll never look back .

*please note that when a discounted offer comes to an end, the price will go back to its original level, as agreed.  

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