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Say goodbye to mid-contract price hikes

Mid-contract price hikes are one of the broadband industry's dirtiest tricks. You sign up for one price and boom, your provider hits you with a hike.

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How is full fibre installed? 

What’s the deal with full fibre? Is it really better than the broadband you’ve got? And how do you get it up and running in your home?

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What actually is bandwidth?

Hands up who knows the difference between bandwidth and internet speed? Anyone? If you said that bandwidth is how much data your connection can handle at once, and internet speed is how fast data moves to and from your device – then excellent job. Full marks.

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5 reasons to switch broadband to Cuckoo

Fast, fair, feel-good broadband. Five ways in which we’re making broadband way, way, way better. From top to bottom, it really can be something to feel good about.


5 reasons full fibre broadband makes your life better

There's lots of general noise about just how good full-fibre broadband is, but we realised it would probably help to dive into the detail and give our top 5 reasons to switch, so you can see for yourself.

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Three ways to block content with eero

Whether it’s catching up with mates, getting your hits on TikTok or finally mastering that ‘double under’ jump rope trick, we all love a bit of internet. But it also has a dark side. Luckily, the same bit of kit that gets you online can also help keep you safe from it.

How fast can you go?