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The fastest broadband speeds, with incredible service and 1% of your bill going to charity.

Your plan, your choice
Your plan, your choice

Roll monthly or pick a 12-month plan? Totally up to you.

Be online tomorrow
Be online tomorrow

Choose Eggspress Wi-Fi and you can be online in just 24hrs.

12-month price promise
12-month price promise

Whatever next year brings, a price rise for your broadband won't be one of them.

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Oh great, another broadband company.

Sort of, but not really. Go on, keep scrolling to see why...

Customer service that’s written in the stars

Fairness, total transparency and always a real person in the UK at the end of a phone. We don’t think this is revolutionary, but comparing our Trustpilot scores with other providers, maybe it is?

Come join our flock and experience customer service that actually, truly, properly puts you first.

Cuckoo Logo4.2/5

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Competitor Rating1.6/5
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Competitor Rating2.1/5
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Competitor Rating1.5/5

Trustpilot scores accurate as of June 2022

Voted MoneySavingExpert’s top broadband provider for customer service

Your speed options

Really Fast115Mb

D/L a 6 Season box set in12 min 26 secs
WFH video calls with 
40 people

The finer details

Avg download speed: 98Mb/s

Avg upload speed: 20Mb/s



D/L a 6 Season box set in18 min 12 secs
WFH video calls with20 people

The finer details

Avg download speed: 67Mb/s

Avg upload speed: 8Mb/s


Your contract options

1 month contract

£60 set-up

12 month contract

Save £60 with FREE set-up

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Broadband that makes a difference

It’s easy to take our broadband for granted. But for many people in the UK and around the world, it simply isn’t available.

That’s why 1% of every bill helps get the internet to places it’s needed most, like conflict zones, natural disaster sites and developing communities. Plus, we donate an extra £5 each time you refer a friend (with no limits).

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Real people only.
No ifs, no bots.

Our Broadband Eggsperts aren’t just brilliant at solving technical issues, they’re also a super-friendly bunch.

All based in the UK, all ready to answer the phone right now.

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Introducing even faster full fibre Cuckoo Can we get a drum roll please? Because from October, we'll be launching our very own full fibre with speeds up to 1 gigabit per second. And if you can't tell, we're very excited.
How full fibre can make your life better There's lots of general noise about just how good full-fibre broadband is, but we realised it would probably help to dive into the detail and give our top 5 reasons to switch, so you can see for yourself.
Without further ado...
Cuckoo voted top broadband provider for customer service We’ve just been rated the top broadband provider in the country for customer service, with a whopping 98% voting us “Great”.

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