3 ways to block content with eero

Three ways to block content with eero

Josh G | Social Media & Content Lead

Whether it’s catching up with mates, getting your hits on TikTok or finally mastering that ‘double under’ jump rope trick, we all love a bit of internet. But it also has a dark side. Luckily, the same bit of kit that gets you online can also help keep you safe from it.

Your very own content blocking super eero

Gambling, adult content, deep fakes…it’s not just cat videos that can be seriously addictive online. That’s why the eero router we provide at Cuckoo has a number of built-in safety features to block and restrict the internet nasties.

Holding out for an eero (and its security features)

When you join our flock, we’ll give you a free super smart eero Pro 6E worth £249.99 This little white box of tricks really packs a punch and will have your home broadband working smoothly at up to 900Mbps.

It can keep over 100 devices connected without breaking a sweat and if you have dead spots, you can simply add more eeros to create a powerful mesh network throughout your home.

But the eero isn't just about power. It also comes with a comforting range of security features, including the ability to block content from devices.

Read on to find out three easy ways to block content and keep you and your loved ones safe.

1.    It’s all under (parental) control

Who knows what your kids are looking at when they’re on the internet in their rooms? As the online world changes fast, it’s hard to know how to keep up.

One way to take back control is through the eero. All you have to do is set up a family profile on the eero app. Then open the ‘discover’ tab, open ‘parental controls’ and select ‘filter templates’. Choose from pre-school, pre-teen, teen and adult. You can then customise the settings as much as you like.

2.    Zap those apps

If you don’t want them spending all their time on TikTok (or any app), with eero you can simply block it from their profiles.

And this isn’t just a good trick for keeping children safe. If you’ve got your own teeny problem with Vinted, want absolute control of the heating controls (MOO HA HA!) or just don’t want to see the football scores on BBC Sport, app blocking comes in handy for grown-ups too.

Once you’ve set up your profiles, choose ‘block apps’ from the profile section and go wild.

If the whining gets too loud, you can unblock apps again any time. It’s a good option if you simply want to give them a pause from social media or dish out a punishment more effective than being ‘grounded’.

3.    Zap those websites too

With the eero app, you can also block websites you’d rather they didn't visit. Just like blocking apps, it’s easy to build a list of offenders that you want to ban.

More security features than you can shake a stick at

These days, we store so much of our lives online. And access to this should be in the hands of one person only. You. That’s why eero’s packed with additional security features for your protection.


🔐 Advanced security

Keep all your family’s devices safe from online threats like phishing and viruses. Just switch on ‘Advanced security’ from the ‘Discover’ tab in your eero app.

🔕 Adblockers

If you’ve had enough of annoying ads from Google and Facebook (not ours, obviously), switch on ‘Ad Blocking’ from the ‘Discover’ tab in your eero app.

📈 Activity centre

To keep a beady eye on how well your filters and security measures are doing and how many threats have been neutralised, check out the ‘Activity Centre’.

Kill those dead spots with an extra eero (or 4)

Our fast, fair, feel-good full fibre broadband comes with one free eero Pro 6E router worth £249.99. If you have dead spots where the signal is dodgy, you can add up to three more eero’s for just £7 a month each. Using TrueMesh technology, they’ll work together intelligently to spread Wi-Fi all over your home. 

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