Dev Diaries: Georgia

Georgia Georgiou | Full Stack Developer

Meet Georgia - she has been working in tech for over 6 years and has been part of the flock here at Cuckoo since June 2022.

Tell us a bit about what you get up to outside work

In my spare time you’ll probably find me outdoors hiking across the UK’s National Parks. I love to travel and usually choose my travelling destinations around how much hiking potential there is! 🥾

When I’m not busy globe trotting, I love to do puzzles - all sorts of puzzles. Jigsaws and even 3D ones! I have also played the piano for over 25 years and I’m currently trying to teach myself how to play the harmonica - although admittedly, it’s more difficult than I thought it would be.

What attracted you to Cuckoo?

When I first heard about Cuckoo, I was initially attracted to its ethos. This was confirmed when I met with Cuckoo’s CEO and Founder Alex Fitzgerald and was even more inspired by what Cuckoo do. I realised Cuckoo was the place to be for a developer like me who is eager to learn and work with the latest Technologies 🤖

Any Cuckoo highlights and achievements so far?

Since joining Cuckoo, I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in some really exciting projects. One of which was Cuckoo’s re-design of the brand. I was blown away by the speed and quality of the features! Due to the hard work across many teams in the business, the brand re-design was launched in August and has since been nominated for multiple awards 💪.

I then moved to the platform team, where we are responsible for rebuilding the backend architecture. We are allocated some personal development time, so I chose to use mine to study and sit the exam for AWS Practitioner - and I passed 🎉. I love that as a team, we all work creatively and really challenge ourselves to push the boundaries and find new and innovative ways to achieve results.

Go-to snack while you’re busy coding?

I always have sesame seed breadsticks next to me, and chocolate.

Favourite things about Cuckoo and the Tech Team?

The people! Every day I looking forward to our daily stand-ups. We talk about general stuff and work updates! We always spend the beginning of standup chatting about our days outside of work, and it always ends up with all of us laughing until somebody says 'maybe we should do an actual standup now', and that person is probably still laughing while saying it. The banter is always on point! 🤣

Everybody is open to listen to any ideas that come from anybody at any point. We all want to improve our development experience, so people are free to suggest ideas for new features, or ways to change processes for the better. I also love that there are no silly questions or bad ideas.

If you could invent any technical product in the world, what would it be?

Any framework that generates email snippets! 📧 I was working on a project where we were allowed to research and look into the correct framework to generate email snippets - none of the existing ones are actually fit for purpose.

Why would you recommend Cuckoo as a place to work?

Its an eggscellent company to work for! You will work on the latest tech with some VERY talented people - and even though most of us work remotely, the team are all really friendly and approachable. 💛

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