The Good Egg Interview - Junnel

Junnel Andre | Performance Marketing Lead

Welcome to the first of our new series, where we find out more about one of the lovely folks here at Cuckoo. First up is Junnel, our Performance Marketing Lead. He’s the strategic mastermind behind all our ads on Google and Facebook.

Most fun Cuckoo memory?

Our 2021 Cuckoo Christmas party in Manchester. We raced go-karts and, funnily enough, it was my first time meeting a lot of them. It made for a pretty great icebreaker before we tucked into a festive meal afterwards! Great fun all round.

Who’s job at Cuckoo would you like to try out for 24 hours?

Probably Tommy Toner, our Chief Experience Officer. I’d love the opportunity to spend all day thinking about what our customers want and need, and how to turn it into an exciting customer experience. He's also an army reservist – something I’ve always wanted to do. Who wouldn’t love to jump out of planes for free (so long as there’s a parachute)?!

Favourite meeting of the day/week?

Any time spent with our Cuckoo creative team. I know I’ll have finished my cup of coffee before we even get to the topic at hand (en route, we’ll discuss everything from cycling gear to moustaches, as well as the best way to boil potatoes). They’re the perfect combination of hilarious and are extremely skilled at what they do.

Weirdest/guiltiest food combo?

There's a chocolate drink powder I used to have a lot when I was younger called Milo. But if you take the powder and add it to plain boiled rice, you have an incredible dessert. Heard it here first.

Your dream exotic pet?

I've found myself googling the Philippine Eagle recently (because, you know). They're absolutely huuuuuge, but also very cute. Not sure if I would pet one or just run away. Only one way to find out...

Anything cool you've done we don't know about?

I started a vegan food business back when I was at Uni, called Naked Monkey. It was at the end of my 3rd year, when I had to have a business idea to do an MSc in Business Creation and Entrepreneurship.

A friend and I opened NM as an on-campus vegan food stall, which meant getting up early (well, for Uni students) to cook and serve meals at lunchtime.

As the stall wasn't easy to scale, we decided to make Buddha bowls instead and sold them through on-campus shops and a local city cafe. We didn't become millionaires but it was a lot of fun.

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