12 reasons to switch to Cuckoo

Tabatha Curry

Tabatha Curry | Head of Growth

So why should you join our flock?

The best people to answer that are our customers themselves.

Here are 12 reasons to take the leap. (We wanted to make it a nice round 10, but there were simply too many...!)

1. You want broadband that just works

Trustpilot review: "Simply works. No faffing about. Excellent speeds and router. All as it should be, makes a lovely change."

2. You’re fed up with poor customer service

Trustpilot review: "Dealing with my previous ISP was like pulling teeth, long wait times, poor customer service, hidden unexplained fees. Cuckoo on the other hand have been an absolute delight. Really helpful and responsive."

3. You want to know exactly where your money’s going

Tweet: "Love seeing this level of transparency on my @CuckooInternet bill! Accompanied by pie chart showing 60% wholesale cost, 20% VAT, 10% service cost, 1% Cuckoo Compass and 9% profit and growth"

4. You’d like a seamless getting-broadband-in-new-house experience

Tweet: "First time ever that I've been able to move in to a new place and internet sorted with absolutely zero fuss. @CuckooInternet you guys are the best"

5. You want to keep your broadband provider on their toes

Trustpilot review: "With a rolling one-month contract to keep them on their toes and excellent service so far, the change to Cuckoo is a no-brainer. Young go-ahead team, good ethos and excellent service."

6. You like stuff that looks good

Trustpilot review: "The yellow branding and good-looking everything makes me very happy."

7. You want to help get internet to the places it’s needed most

Trustpilot review: "I love the idea of giving something back. With Cuckoo you get to support the implementation of internet around the world. Keep up the good work and keep on spreading the broadband love 😁"

8. You’re fed up of the loyalty tax

Trustpilot review: "Refreshing. No strings, no lengthy contracts. Exactly what I was looking for after 20 years of loyalty with my old provider and seeing my prices go up. Well done Cuckoo."

9. You want to have a broadband provider that you can say these things to

Three quotes from customer surveys: 1) "I love you!"; 2) "Had a brilliant time with you!" and 3) "You're awesome!"

10. You're not a fan of arbitrary c*ap

Trustpilot review: "Less arbitrary c*ap than other providers. I don't see why, in 2020, the majority of providers force you into 12-24 month contracts."

11. You want to be inspired to write your first-ever review

Trustpilot review: "I've never written a review in my life but felt I had to for this. The amount of BS I think Cuckoo have cut through is insane. How has nobody done this before?! The onboarding process was clear, simple and well communicated. The set-up must have taken... seconds? The live date was communicated clearly. And now I don't have to worry about a nasty contract too."

12. You’re fed up of being let down

Trustpilot review: "After I was let down by one of the big companies, I decided to try Cuckoo and so far I am impressed. Good stable speed. Easy installation. Highly recommended."

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We've removed passwords from My Account

Here at Cuckoo, keeping your account for your eyes only is of the utmost importance. Everyone that signs up is trusting us to keep their details safe. That’s why we’re changing how you sign in to your Cuckoo account. From today, this will be via a passwordless login, also known as a magic link.

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