3 ways to use eero profiles

3 ways eero profiles make your life easier 

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From kids’ screentime to logging off work, your eero keeps you in control of devices without even having to think about it. 

Your eero comes with a clever app that pairs devices with profiles. This means you can set up different accounts for different people– just like you do on Netflix.  

First off… what’s an eero? 

Amazon’s eero Pro 6E router is a super smart bit of kit. It gives you the fastest Wi-Fi speeds all around your home, and can keep 100+ devices connected without breaking a sweat.  

Plus, the eero app makes everything super easy to set up – and this is where you can create profiles to manage internet access for everyone at home. Here are 3 simple ways you can use them.  

1. Control your kids’ internet use 

Your eero has lots of handy parental control options – from blocking domains to balancing screen time. When you set up a family profile, you can create internet access schedules, pause kids’ internet access at bedtime and set aside digital-free family or homework time.  

Just as a reminder, you may still have to keep an eye on their internet activity when they switch to 4G or 5G.  

2. Log off – for real 

WFH is great for many of us – but sometimes, it can be tough to actually switch off at the end of the day. When you create an eero profile with just your work devices added, you can set a schedule to pause the internet on those devices when you finish work. So you can walk the dog, do a yoga session and try out that new recipe you’ve been eyeing up.  

3. Not too hot, not too cold, but juuuust right. 

Are your teens a bit trigger-happy with the thermostat? You can take back control of your living room’s temperature and mood by adding smart heating and lighting devices to a separate eero profile.  

Alexa, make the living room temperature just the way I like it. 

Find out what else your eero can do 

Profiles are just one of many features of your eero  - we’ve written more about them here.  

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