5 apps to save you money in 2024

Five apps to get your finances in shape this year

John Vinton | Copywriter

With the cost of everything still well and truly up, there’s never been a better time to try and save wherever you can. On your shopping, on your bills, even on your mortgage. Here are five handy apps that can help you take even more control of your money.    

Only pay your share with Splitwise 

Who didn’t have a starter? Who hasn’t paid their deposit? Who still owes for the gas? Dividing up the bill for anything always seems to be a pain. Not any more. Splitwise is a free app which lets groups of people record what they spend. It then calculates what everyone owes and who they should pay it to. It’s simple to use and stops you over-spending. It even saves on arguments. 

Pay your mortgage off early with Sprive 

For most of us, the mortgage is our biggest outgoing. Especially since the recent interest rate hikes. Sprive is an independent mortgage app that helps homeowners become mortgage-free as fast as possible to save on interest. The app lets you chip away at your mortgage by making overpaying easier. And it helps you improve your financial status for a better remortgage deal.  

Control your spending with Monzo 

Because it’s so easy to use, Monzo has become the banking app for the young. But it’s also very good at helping you save. A notification pops up on your phone whenever you use your card, making it easier to track your spending. And it automatically categorises everything, so you can see just how much you spent on clothes or takeaways. 

Organise all your accounts with Emma 

Emma is a financial app that’s like having an accountant on your phone who tells it like it is. It lets you connect all your accounts so you can see exactly where all your money’s going and where it’s going from. It tracks any subscriptions you’ve forgotten about and sets bill reminders, so you aren’t caught out when the gas or electricity needs paying. 

Start proper saving with Moneybox 

It’s obviously good to cut down on frivolous spending but what about saving for life’s bigger purchases? That’s where Moneybox can help. The app allows you to regularly drip small amounts of money into an ISA savings account and watch it grow over time. And if you’re prepared to take a little more risk, it can also help you invest in Stocks and Share ISAs. 

Save money on your broadband 

Another good way to save money is to switch to Cuckoo. Because unlike other providers, there are no out-of-contract price hikes or hidden fees. Just fast, fair, feel-good broadband. 

*The above blog is for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. We love all these apps but would always recommend you do your own research to find the ones that work best for you.

If you do download any of them and need to set passwords, it’s worth checking out our password manager guide to stay safe online. 

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