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Our six favourite wellness apps 

Josh | Social Media & Content Lead

From hypnosis to Hatha yoga, the app store is awash with apps for your mind, body and soul. So we asked the Cuckoo gang to recommend their favourite ways to stay fit and healthy in 2024.

An app to keep you on track - Apple Health 

The first step to getting your 10,000 steps a day is, of course, a tracking app. Apple Health is one of the best and will help you put your best foot forward

“Even though it's always telling me 'your average distance this year is less than last', the Apple health app motivates me. As easy to use as you'd expect, I've been linking it to my Apple watch to measure resting heart rate and all sorts of stuff." 

- Jonny, PR & Comms Lead

Stepping up

A man wearing an apple watch

An app for counting your calories - MyFitnessPal 

Those late night Deliveroo orders all add up so if you want to keep tabs on your taste buds, try an app that monitors what you munch. Like MyFitnessPal.  

“There’s an NHS Food Scanning app to help you make healthier choices but MyFitnessPal is probably the best known food tracker. It gets an honorary mention for helping you see that a banana has more calories than a G&T. 

- Josh - Social & Content Lead

Food scanner

An app to make you more flexible - Down Dog 

If you’re looking for a bit more balance in your life, a Yoga app like Down Dog can help you do it standing on one leg. It’ll also help improve your posture and clear your mind. 

Down Dog has so many different classes and exercises and it even reminds me to breathe, which is always useful. You can download classes too, so you can fit your workouts in whenever you want. Gladiators, here I come.

- Eliza - Head of Brand

Gladiators ready

An app that improves your memory - Memory OS 

Did you know your smart phone can actually make you smarter? A brain training app like Memory OS will give you a thorough mental workout. 

I've started using Memory OS which is all about memory and developing instant recall. It teaches you to create a virtual mind palace where information can be stored and easily located.

- Tommy, Chief Experience Officer

Mind maps

A mobile phone with a memory game from the Memory OS map

An app for clearing your mind - Headspace 

Mindfulness is a type of meditation that helps you become aware of what you're feeling in the moment, without judgment. And yep, there’s an app for that called Headspace. 

The Headspace app really helps me manage my tinnitus (ringing in your ears). The meditation sessions relax my mind and allow me to cope. It also comes with a selection of calming music to listen to when falling asleep

- Ben - Senior Full Stack Developer

Super chill

An app for safer swimming - Safer Seas 

A dip in the ocean can be good for your mind and body. But not when water companies are pumping goodness knows what into the waves. You need an app to help dodge the sludge

There are some pretty nasty things floating around, especially after a storm when discharges are more likely. The Safer Seas App by Surfers Against Sewage provides live data on the location of leaks. I check it before going for a surf...now all I have to worry about is not wiping out

- Josh - Social Media & Content Lead

Surfs up

Relieve broadband anxiety. Switch to Cuckoo 

Finally, another good way to avoid stress and anxiety is to switch to Cuckoo. You’re guaranteed fast, fair, feel-good broadband and, unlike others, we won’t hike the price mid-contract. 

These apps were chosen to relieve anxiety, not create it. So if you’re downloading apps with a community function, think twice before accepting requests from strangers which could compromise your privacy. And be equally wary of ‘free’ trials that require your credit card details.    

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