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The Cuckoo Compass Field Report (March '23)

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The Cuckoo Compass is how we get the internet to the people and places that need it the most. All our customers help out, giving 1% of their bill, every single month (and we also give £5 for every customer referral).

This then pays for our amazing charity partner Jangala to do their thing. And here’s the latest report, just in…

Connecting people in Ghana, the UK and Turkey

Over the last 12 months Jangala has directly connected over 43,000 people (wow!) to Wi-Fi, both here in the UK and around the world. Working with local partners, they’ve brought the power of the internet to schools, healthcare clinics, community projects and have even supported emergency response teams. Here are some highlights.

Kpando High School, Ghana

Using their amazing Big Box (more on this technical wizardry further down), Jangala has now provided a Wi-Fi connection to Kpando High School. This means the teachers and 3,000 students can now access vital digital teaching and learning opportunities.

School children in the UK

Working with partners The Access Project, Jangala is providing Wi-Fi to 120 students around the UK, to help them access their online tutoring sessions. These sessions are really important, as they have the potential to double the students’ chances of getting into top universities.

Recently, only 5% of state school teachers said that all of their students have internet access (Sutton Trust 2021 via Data Poverty Alliance) and Jangala is helping get that number up to 100%.

Helping Turkey earthquake relief teams

Following the catastrophic earthquake on 6 February, Jangala sent two Big Boxes to Turkey, to help the search and rescue volunteers working for Serve On, another UK-based charity. So far, they’ve been used at the United Nations Reception/Departure Centre, to offer free Wi-Fi for incoming rescue teams.

A big thanks to all the wonderful folks at Jangala and their partner agencies too, for all their inspirational work. We’ll have more updates coming throughout the year, showing how The Cuckoo Compass is playing its part to help spread the power of the internet. Oh, and here’s the info about the Big Box we mentioned. It really is amazing!

Jangala’s Big Box

Here it is in all its wonderful Wi-Fi glory. A lightweight (1.9kgs) briefcase sized device that transforms any form of internet connectivity into Wi-Fi that is easy to manage and scale, all the way up to thousands of different users.

All the technical wizardry is inside, hidden behind a rugged shock and water-resistant exterior. As well as being low power, running off just 12 watts, Big Box is really simple to use. Altogether, this makes it ideal to getting internet access to all sorts of remote and challenging places

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