What is Wi-Fi calling?

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The British countryside is lovely to look at. But not always so great when making a call on your mobile. That’s because the signal in rural areas can be patchy or even non-existent. With Wi-Fi calling, your call uses a broadband connection instead which is much more reliable. Problem solved.

Sorry, I missed th…You’re breaking u…

Making a Wi-Fi call is just like making a normal call. You dial the same number and use the same features. The difference is the call is connected to an internet Wi-Fi network rather than your mobile provider’s 4G or 5G phone mast network. So it’s less likely to break up or drop out.

Here, there and everywhere

You can make a Wi-Fi call wherever there’s Wi-Fi. In coffee shops, pubs, shops and stations. And if you go out of range, all is not lost because some mobile providers let you move seamlessly between Wi-Fi calling and 4G. As long as the mobile signal’s okay, you can often carry on.

How to make Wi-Fi calls on iPhone and Android

Almost all smartphones and most of the big providers offer Wi-Fi calling. It’s easy to activate. Just make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi, then go to ‘Settings’ and find ‘Wi-Fi calling’. On iPhones it should be under ‘Mobile Data’. For Android phones, check ‘Network & Internet’. On Samsung devices you can find it under 'Call Settings' by clicking the phone icon and then settings.

It’s also worth checking your contract to see if Wi-Fi calls count towards monthly call allowances. And remember that public Wi-Fi networks aren’t always as secure as home broadband. 

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