5 reasons to switch to Cuckoo

5 reasons to switch broadband to Cuckoo

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Fast, fair, feel-good broadband. Five ways in which we’re making broadband way, way, way better. From top to bottom, it really can be something to feel good about.

Fast, fair, feel-good broadband

We can’t think of one good reason to switch to Cuckoo. We can think of at least five.

1. Full fibre broadband ⚡

Ultrafast speeds of up to 900Mbps. Full fibre means you get a fibre optic cable directly into your home (none of those slow old copper wires) with all the speed you need to stream, game and WFH 24/7, all over your home. Discover more in our handy guide

2. No mid-contract price hikes 🚫

Unlike some broadband providers we could mention, with Cuckoo, the price we say at the beginning of your contract is the price you pay until the end of it. Guaranteed. Because that’s only fair. Read more here

3. Voted #1 for customer service 🎉

Not to toot our own horn but we've topped Money Saving Expert's poll for customer service. Not once but twice- just to prove it wasn’t a fluke.

Our lovely UK-based Customer Care team are only ever a phone call away. And will always do their very best to get it sorted.

4. It's oh-so-easy to switch 😎

Sign up in two minutes and we’ll start your switch then and there. Your whizzy new router should be with you 10 days later. And if you need an engineer, they’ll pop by and get you connected in no time. Visit our switching page

5. eero routers worth £249.99 🌐

The eero Pro 6E is built for speed, security, reliability, simplicity and, well, everything you ever wanted your router to be. It can keep 100+ devices connected all over your home without breaking a sweat.

Switch to Cuckoo and our Customer Care team will guide you every step of the way. And you can track how it’s going in your Cuckoo account. You can even pick your own network name and login instead of being stuck with a crazy scramble of random letters and numbers. 

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