The Cuckoo Chronicle #9

Monthly newsletter - June 2021

Tabatha Curry

Tabatha Curry | Head of Growth

Find out what we've been up to this month, as well as what went down with a puppy & an internet cable.

It’s somehow June already.

So here we go with this month’s update:️

What have we been doing? 💻

As always, our tech team has been pretty busy.

We thought we’d share a few things they’ve been up to:

•  No more passwords  - you’ll no longer have to waste time working out which of your many passwords you chose for your Cuckoo account. Now you can sign in instantly using a one-time ‘magic link’ which we email over to you. It’s safer too 🔒 •  Sharing your Wi-Fi  - we’re now enjoying the novelty of other people in our homes, and these people sometimes want to use Wi-Fi. So we’ve made this super easy. You can share your Wi-Fi password via WhatsApp. Just head over to  My Account and click the button •  Updating your email address  - after hundreds of requests for this feature, it now exists! If you want to change the email we have registered for you, then you can do this yourself in  My Account

And if you want to hear a bit more about all things tech, have a read of their  full update.

Best customer moment️ 💛

There was an unfortunate incident involving a puppy and an internet cable.

Lyra the puppy ate through the cable, leaving one of our customers without internet for days. Impressively, they managed to patch up the cable themselves.

Hopefully this time Lyra will leave it alone!

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