Monthly newsletter - October 2020

Tabatha Curry

Tabatha Curry | Head of Growth

In the first instalment of our newsletter, we have an update on our broadband tax campaign, an unexpected barbeque router delivery, and an intro to Insung, one of our developers.

Happy October from Cuckoo HQ!

It's turning a bit grey and cold outside, but on the plus side Pumpkin Lattes are back. Welcome to the first instalment of the shiny new Cuckoo newsletter, a monthly update on what's going on at Cuckoo HQ.

Have you seen us in the papers?

We’re asking the government to cut the broadband tax because, especially at the moment, broadband is a necessity. And it makes up 20% of your monthly bill!

Here’s a little snippet of what we’ve been saying to the press:

“…we are taxed more on broadband than any other utility, like energy or water. And this is causing real problems in our society. 27% of the poorest households in the UK don't have an internet connection. Compare that to 3% of the richest. It's even worse when you look at the regional disparity. Relative to average incomes, the poorest households in the north spend three times as much as Londoners on broadband.

The government should cut the broadband tax. At Cuckoo, we promise to pass on the cut to our customers in full...”

You no doubt now want to see a few articles with this quote in, so here you go:  City AM The Sun The Express, and  our own campaign page.

(Tip: if you want to see a large picture of a cat on a computer, then we highly recommend that first link.)

Best customer moment

The person who persevered and found their router despite the fact it was delivered into their barbeque.

Team spotlight

This month we welcome 2 more to our full time team. Tabatha joins us heading up growth and our technology team increases to 3 with Alex F starting last week.

Here's a quick intro to Insung, our Front-End Developer (he's the one in the middle)

  • Fun fact about yourself:  I once had to sign the UK official secrets act
  • Top bird pun:  one bird can't make a pun, but toucan
  • Biggest achievement this month:  swimming 10m without stopping

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